Monday Misery

I feel strange, it’s not depression though I popped a Sertaline tablet last night, I just feel so out of it, detached from reality, I want to give up, stay at home, not even do anything, I know it’s safe and quiet here, free from obligations and expectations, no scary human interaction, just beautiful, wonderful nothingness.

Apart from the court dates I’m not sure why I even bother existing, there isn’t an endgame with this wageslaving, I can’t just quit and enjoy s NEET period repeatedly, I need to keep this nightmare up for the rest of my life.

Despite the strike I had no issues getting the train in or out.

Work was fine, there was this one fuck up, I was hesitant to report it because the guy addressing queries was one who I felt was a little mean, I waited a while and the query flag shifted over to the nicest man in the office, looks like LittleKuriboh, I can’t stress how nonthreatening and warm he is.

I forgot to pack lunch so bought a sandwich, still hungry though. Still around 140lbs.

My solicitor hasn’t replied to my emails or been in contract for over a month, sent another, my court date is next week.

TV is working again.

Rank 9 on Hearthstone.

Might go to sleep at 8pm.


9 thoughts on “Monday Misery

  1. I suppose most people struggle sometimes with the drudgery and anxieties of their worklife. I know I do. But at least I have a job where I’m reasonably well remunerated and have prospects for future advancement. As a young man with no skills, education or meaningful qualifications you’re forced yourself into an occupational dead end. You still have time to broaden your options. But not much time.


      • Poleaboo isn’t a woman. He actually doesn’t want to be a woman. He just doesn’t want to be a man and all that involves (the idea of which he learnt from his father and uncle who he loathes). He seeks refuge from his manhood in the nebulous state of gender ‘transition’. In this space he’s safe, unique and beyond stereotyping.


    • Poleaboo actually does have skills. He knows how to do business accounting. He has even been offered a well paid accounting job by a friend of his father’s, but he refuses to take it. He believes that working in a professional role with other people of Pakistani decent is less prestigious than an unskilled, low-paid job working among white people.


      • not really, I don’t have much experience in accounting to be considered competent and it’s been so long since uni I don’t remember anything

        As for serving among whites ranking higher than ruling among pakis, you are correct


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