Everyday is filler now

Work was good, my call time is even better, not just good enough to pass probation but it’s the time that full time employees need to hit, only screwed up once and LittleKuriboh bailed me out again. No one tried talking to me besides the good mornings, still stressful having people around me even if they aren’t speaking

Forgot lunch again so I had a 400 calorie wrap and I was tempted by the cashier into also purchasing a Lucozade, it did give me an energy boost but I didn’t need the calories especially since I had a bit of chocolate cake and a lot of red meat when I got home.

I’m planning on registering at my old GPs on my day off on Thursday, I want to ask if there’s any way of determining how severely I’ve messed my body up, it’s the lack of testicles and zero labido/erection capacity that concerns me, I think it’s unusual, plenty of trannies have functioning penises, that could just be because they’re on Spiro though, Cypro is far more hardcore.

Played some Hearthstone, someone shared their 80 gold quest with me and I shared mine with a /brit/ friend, we had a nice little chat about work, he seems to think I can still make friends, I told him he was wrong, we disagreed on whether it was early or late on when friends are made in work environments.

Need to buy some moisturiser.

My solicitor responded, an appointment is set for the morning of my next court date.


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