The filler arc continues

I fucked up and looked like an idiot to LittleKuriboh three times today, he’s still nice and helpful, I really need to stop needing his aid, I don’t want him to be anoyed by me, tomorrow is my day off so that’ll give him some relief. I’m hitting 80%+ on my quality assessments, that’s a pass, I could continue working here as long as I like.

Working doesn’t make me feel good though, money is worthless to me, there is no benefit here at all, I’ve already earned over £1000, just not received it yet, if I did want something, such as a top end PC or laptop, I’d be able to afford it now. I’d need a few months more for electrolysis but I have enough for more laser.

Dentist tomorrow and I’m going to register with a GP, probably the old one.
I had a lengthy email exchange with my solicitor, they haven’t received any more evidence from the police so it seems they’ve found nothing, worst case my trial is pushed back, best case it’s all dismissed.


4 thoughts on “The filler arc continues

  1. It’s not your worklife that’s causing you to feel dead inside – it’s your NEETdom

    People don’t generally work to achieve a sense of fulfilment and contentment, they work to pay the bills. The satisfaction comes from being self sufficient / a provider. You are a soulless directionless NEET so you are deprived of this sense of purpose

    You should save up your shekels for a rental bond. Don’t be like your uncle. Accept your birthright, be a man, stand on your own two feet


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