Why won’t you take me, death?

I agreed to work an additional 3 hours tonight since it was double time, £15 per hour was too good to turn down. I regret it though, I found out I was repeatedly making an error, I was made aware of it by this skinnyfat tattooed cunt who I feel has had a grudge against me since day one, he also informed me that he’s been logging them as errors in an aggressive and abrasive tone that he always uses to speak to me at least. Hard to express how much I dislike him and the toxic emotions I’m feeling, the only thing besides fantasies I can take solace in is that he’s a cuck, I’ve seen him bending over backwards for new female staff, though it does irk me more than anything seeing him happy and socialising.

I had thoughts of self harm today, it was on a call, not an angry customer, just an old woman who just wouldn’t stop talking. I wasn’t far from striking my hand with a pen.

It’s the former event though that makes me feel like quitting.

There was also how I forgot to clock in and was told an exception would be made this time but normally I’d need to alert management to my presence if I’m struggling to clock in even though it’s irrelevant to this issue I had. If I was ever told I wouldn’t be paid for work done then I’d quit.

New Cthullu T-shirt arrived

I’m working the next 3 days too but then I’m only working one day out of the next 6 due to taking 2 days off for court.


6 thoughts on “Why won’t you take me, death?

  1. >You encounter a snotty passive-aggressive cunt in the workplace…

    Suddenly the spectres of resignation, self-harm and suicide raise their head again!!

    Seriously though Poley, dealing with peasants like this guy in you day-to-day work life is unavoidable. You need to find a way to deal with these situations.

    Some suggestions

    1. Ignore him (only works if you can actually learn not to care about his opinion, which may be hard considering the strength of your current feelings)
    2. Befriend him (flattery, humour, social bonding etc – challenging perhaps considering your general lack of empathy and low EQ
    3. Confront him (call him out on being an unfriendly and unhelpful prick. This is likely to contribute to your further alienation in the office considering your lack of allies and integration in a peer group
    4. Fight fire with fire (subtle digs and snipes at this guy. Pointed enough to humiliate and infuriate him yet subtle enough to avoid him calling you out directly. I feel you could pull this off!)


    • I don’t believe any of those suggestions are suitable, thanks for trying though.

      1. I don’t think it’s possible to consciously just ignore something when it’s your cause of anxiety.
      2. He won’t befriend me, he’s a cunt, I hate him anyway so wouldn’t want to. Though I tried to be nice once.
      3. I fantasize about this but I wouldn’t have the confidence, I wouldn’t have the opportunity and I’d be making a mountain of a molehill in peoples eyes.
      4. Would love to do this but he seems like the guy who’d call me out on instantly it regardless of subtlety, it would be pretty obvious anyway since a personal comment from me towards him would be unusual


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