Soft workday

Not many people working on a Saturday, it’s clear why they’ll give me a long rope before firing me. Kinda comfy, I suppose, comfy in the sense that having fewer people around doesn’t flare my anxiety as much. LittleKuriboh was nice and helpful again, I think we’re on the same rota.

There was a moment at the end of the day when I felt awkward, I tried to interject myself into a conversation due to having relevant info (work related), I kinda shouted out twice but was ignored, this was in the middle of the office, I hope I flew under everyone elses radar too but it doesn’t feel like I did. The guy who ignored me was a nice person who previously tried speaking to me, I think he spoke to me today too, in the morning, I wasn’t 100% sure he was speaking to me and I didn’t know how to respond so I ignored him.

My Digimon game arrived, played a little, nice rush of nostalgia since I spent a good amount of time playing Digimon World 1 in my youth.

Skipped lunch but ate poorly afterwards. Watched Simpsons during my break.


3 thoughts on “Soft workday

  1. I can’t help but give you advice because I see my own story reflected in yours

    Anyway, I suppose there’s no combination of words anyone can say that’ll make your anxieties go away but I absolutely do think your problems are solvable

    Try to focus on the big picture and don’t give up on life!


    • Could you please tell me everything about yourself?
      It’s what friends do.

      I want to know in exact detail how YOU resolved various issues. If you could actually do some of the things that you advise, it would give me more confidence when attempting to make moves.


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