Oh to be NEET again

I’m travelling to court tomorrow after work, not feeling much because I’m not thinking about it, there’s nothing to really consider since the police have no evidence, the ball is firmly iin their court, no pun intended.

Some notes from yesterday, the tattooed bully wore a check black/orange “antisocial social club” shirt and I feel like he reads my blog. There’s a management guy who gives me certain looks and behaved in a way that makes me think he’s aware of my background, the checks must have come in. Going into work yesterday, a couple of paki female pushed in front of me, I muttered “fucking paki”, another one heard and turned her head slightly, all of them wearing headscarves, the train carriage wasn’t much better, I counted near 10 paki females, all wearing headscarves, I don’t know what happened to this town, when I was growing up headscarves among young pakis were rare, below 10%, 5% even, now it’s far in excess of 50%, far.

My credit score didn’t improve from last month, still 498/700, the highest range, no negatives, maybe it’ll just take longer for the effects of my credit management and increased credit to be taken into account.I might apply for 4th credit card, seems like a good deal, £20 Amazon voucher and 0.5% cash back, maybe a 5th balance transfer one too, seems like a key tool though I have no use for it currently.

Today was my day off, slept until around 11am, I bought Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky shampoo and the conditioner. Picked up cereal too since porridge wasn’t on offer. I also went to the library to cancel my WWE Network subscription. Epilating my arms was painful, it really has been too long, I need to work out a personal grooming regimen that works out alongside my work schedule.

I wore my pink hoodie for the first time.

I’m going to start taking Sertaline regularly, starting tonight.

Played some more Digimon World, I guess I’m supposed to digivolve to champion or train a lot more if I want to advance beyond the first area.

My sister was in a car accident, not her fault, it shook her up, I tried speaking to her, asking about her feelings but she was just too angry, must have thought I was mocking her.


One thought on “Oh to be NEET again

  1. You’ve said a few times that you have no personality. I’m not surprised. Personality is developed through (and for the sole purpose of) social interaction. A person who has spent their entire life alone of a desert island will have no personality because it’s not needed and has no way to grow

    But of course a person with no personality may (and often does) possess a unique and interesting mind. You’ve heard the old saying ‘still waters run deep’. People who spend large amounts of time delving into their own mind can have profound insights and wisdom – but lack the tools to communicate it to others

    The point I’m making, I suppose, is this particular problem may not be as big as you may think. Yes, your personality may be under-developed but the maturity of your mind is light years ahead. The challenge is one of delivery, not substance


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