Finally someone worse at their job than me

Today was a depressing joke of a day, I don’t want to dwell on it.

My dad wanted to drive me court but I managed to get him to settle for taking me to the train station. The train journey was long, cold and uncomfortable as always, I managed to get a little sleep before arriving at 7.30am. I wondered around a bit before attending my solicitors appointment at 8.30, the police still have nothing but we can’t ask for the case to be dismissed yet as a reasonable time to search the devices would be around a year, our options are either just letting it play out, just requesting I no longer need to attend court until the trial date is set. The other option is requesting we go straight to trial, it’s a winnable case due to lack of evidence but the prosecution would probably oppose it.

When I went to court, the security guys told me I couldn’t take my water bottle, so drank it, then he said I couldn’t keep the empty bottle and dumped it in the bin, the foreign cunt was later spotted by me joyfully tucking womens flasks behind a counter. Angry about this.

When I asked reception what court I was in, they couldn’t find me, so then I was told to ask someone else, turns out I was given the wrong date, my intermediate diet is actually on Monday, I went back to my solicitor, he looked over some stuff and admitted he was at fault, he took down the date wrong during the previous diet. He said he’ll “take the bullet”, he’ll explain the situation, this was in response to me saying I wouldn’t attend the court date on Monday.

Back home now and feeling tired and beat.


11 thoughts on “Finally someone worse at their job than me

  1. I actually noticed yesterday that your name isn’t on the court roll.

    Your solicitor said he’d “take the bullet”. I hope it works otherwise you’ll be getting arrested on monday night and held on remand.


  2. What is the point of searching your devices? Surely if your crime was that horrible then they’d have actual evidence for it from the so called victims. No wonder this piece of shit country is on its knees


    • Victim statements aren’t evidence enough on their own, you need something tangible to back it up otherwise it’s just he said/she said

      It’s amusing how little they actually have, basic stuff that the victims should have supplied at the time.
      Also that 4chan post, I don’t see how they intend to find evidence that I made that post.


    • I’ve already lost, they’ve taken my laptop for what is expected to be a year at least, do I really care if I get the charges dismissed after that?

      What makes it worse is that I know I’ll “win”, legally speaking


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