Lazy git

No work again today, I woke up at 10am and spent most of the day, excess of 6 hours, sitting in front of the living room heater, I felt cold and fatigued the entire day, even playing Digimon would have been too much effort. The only productive thing I did was epilating but I had to charge it after I’d done one leg and I didn’t have the energy to finish the other. 

I’ll need to make a GP appointment for my lethargy/anemia soon, I tried today but was out of credit. I was yawning as early as 4pm, ready for bed by 7pm.

I forgot to mention I played some Yokai Watch on the train yesterday, I can see why it’s popular with kids in Japan, some nice design choices and gameplay mechanics.

Didn’t leave the house, doubt I will tomorrow either.


2 thoughts on “Lazy git

  1. i’ll save you the trip to the GP; you’re anaemic because you attempt to exist on a diet which solely consists of yoghurt.


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