Another glorious day of simulated NEETdom

I went out a couple of times to use library computers, the sun was out so naturally the normies were scurrying about though the only things of note I saw was a larger than usual number of interracial couples and a large gang of paki youths in the library.

I ate poorly, cereal, red meat, 5 cupcakes my mum made and chicken. Might have some pancakes too. Still not put on any noticeable amount of weight, so I can’t let that get me down.

My sisters attacked me and called me a manchild again, this time it was because I suggested I might exit our current broadband deal and get one that comes with a HD sports package. My other sister had an awkward conversation about marriage with me, said I don’t want to get married but I conceded it could happen in the next 5 years. My dad had the topic of marriage on his mind too, my mum told him to shut up and really put him in his place, I’m quite proud of her. The man was enquiring about next doors house, they’re planning on putting it up for sale, my mum told him his kids don’t want to live next to him, they want to get away.

Skinny jeans or at least men’s skinny jeans in the sizes I bought do not fit comfortably.

The student loans company is chasing me for employment info, I have nothing to worry about as I’m earning below the threshold. Obtaining the info they want will be a pain.


4 thoughts on “Another glorious day of simulated NEETdom

  1. How do you feel about whites being unable to sexually compete with minorities? Do you enjoy seeing interracial pairings and whites being dominated in their own countries even though you hate pakis?


    • Hard to say, I hate seeing any kind of couple, maybe I do hate some more than others but hate is hate.

      I do take pleasure though if I know others feel put out by interracial pairings


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