Oink Oink part 397

I ate terribly again, I need to sort myself out, I’m probably just bloated but I hate looking at my body. Tomorrow  I’m working 12-8 for the week, so if I can cut out the third meal of the day, I should lose something.

Made the switch to a much more expensive broadband and TV package, just another one of the things us people with jobs do, besides it’s still less than a days wages, might even get a huge mobile contract too since I do need a new phone, the pigs won’t be returning mine anytime soon. I am a bit worried about incurring additional charges and claiming them back but I won’t need to think about that for a few more weeks.

Didn’t get anything for mothers day but my siblings all made a big deal over it, my brother visited too.


6 thoughts on “Oink Oink part 397

  1. I actually think Poleaboo was being facetious. What’s the point of working 5 days a week if you can’t indulge in small luxuries once in a while?


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