Missed it

Today featured two significant social interaction opportunities but neither went as well as it could have despite having practiced these exact conversation topics in my head for weeks. During break I was playing 3DS again, a nice guy who I interacted with over a month ago leaned over my screen to see if he recognised what I was playing before jogging on back to work. It was Yokai watch that I was playing tody, soon after LittleKuriboh sat next to me, he said “little bit of 3DS” again, I told him what I was playing, we had a conversation about vidya, I told him my 3DS was hacked, he was impressed but there were several points where I messed up the conversation, when he spoke about Zelda all I had to say was my sister plays it, when speaking about him playing Pokemon HG, I repeated a bad story about replacing the battery in an old Pokemon Gold cartridge and lastly when he said he was playing Witcher 3, it was one of his all time top 3 games, I criticised it, not well. The main issue was probably how I spoke, once I could think of half a response, I blurted it out.

The other conversation was with the Wrestling guy, I initiated, asked if he was hyped for WrestleMania, he’s booked a ticket to watch somewhere, he asked if I was a fan and I stumbled.

There are a bunch of new starts at the call centre, looks like my job is in danger.

No response from my solicitor, I’ll chase that up.

Really hate my body, much easier to diet picturing what I don’t want to look like rather than what I do, only ate cereal, yoghurt and a small portion of peanuts today. I’ll replace the cereal with eggs and maybe cheese tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Missed it

  1. > The main issue was probably how I spoke, once I could think of half a response, I blurted it out.

    This is how all people talk casually, they just edit it in their memory so it seems smoother.


  2. Ha that’s true p4e! if you really listen to what people say in conversation it’s mostly just incoherent unfinished sentences and ambiguous half baked generalities.

    Verbal communication (at least in a social context-perhaps not a professional one) is all about expressing vibe and broad sentiment (eg yes I like what you! I like what you like! I find your pastimes interesting etc).

    Humans are very skilled at extrapolating meaning from tiny verbal cues. In other words Poley – focus more on the sentiment behind your communication rather than the technicalities of delivery


    • OK, fine, I’ll remember this the next time I’m speaking to someone. I’m just worried I won’t give them enough to carry the conversation or that I’ll come across as boring.


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