Haven’t completely blown the diet yet

My solicitor contacted me to inform me that my attendance was excused and that another intermediate diet has been set for around 3 weeks from now, he didn’t respond to any of my followup emails querying what was actually discussed in court. It sounds like nothing was said and all that happened was the date got pushed back. I’m not happy about this but there isn’t anything I can do considering what I wasn’t resolved is the cost and time of travel, I’ll try asking if he’ll make a contribution but I probably won’t.

Work was unpleasant to start off with, I couldn’t find a working PC since there were more people in the office now and some were moving about, I sat at 5 different computer and wasted near 30 minutes before asking a manager for help, it was a stressful experience, I felt self conscious as it is a small area.

There were a couple of social interactions, the first was with the guy sitting opposite me, never spoken to me before, he has an interesting look and is a bit quirky, he said a few general things and things I didn’t know how to respond to such as how this job was creating moral dilemmas for him. The other interaction was with the guy who leaned over at my 3DS yesterday, he knew it was Yokai Watch I was playing, we talked vidya, exchanged names but I messed up again, he told me he liked Dragon Quest but I didn’t respond by asking him for more on his thoughts or expressing just how much I loved DQ, instead I said some dull stuff about the gameplay styoie.and my experience with DQ7 even though it was likely he played DQ8. He then started speaking to his female friend and showed off his new phone, I think it was a Samsung, I didn’t comment as I wasn’t part of the conversation. I couldn’t watch Hollyoaks during that break since I wasn’t sure if aforementioned female was watching something.

Mum had a takeaway for me when I got home, not a disaster since I only had 500 calories the rest of the day, cereal has been replaced with porridge.

Got my first months worth of wages (paid 2 weeks in arrears), just under £1000, not bad considering NI would have been deducted, it is more money than I know what to do with but I was expecting a little more.

It’s getting warmer and the sunlight stronger, I don’t like it, it’s bad for the skin in general and I’m uncomfortable either sweating or wearing fewer layers.


6 thoughts on “Haven’t completely blown the diet yet

  1. Next time you’re stuck for something to say, ask the person a question about something they said (doesn’t matter what) then, when they respond, act vaguely disinterested / disappointed in their answer


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