Back where I belong

Work was fine, I looked a little dim in front of LittleKuriboh again. During break I intended to use the one of the iPads but discovered they were in use so instead looped around and hid in the bathroom for 10 minutes. I’m also avoiding using my 3DS at work since it means sitting around other people and that could invite conversation again.

I still need to arrange a dentist and GPs appointment but I’d need to top up my phone first.

Looking over my bank statements I can see I spend around £300-£350 a month, £120 is travel, £20 in internet and £120 traveling to court but regardless, I’m not spending much considering my income but it explains why I failed to save much when I was back on bennies. My only notable purchases were a few clothes and a video game, so I suppose I can buy those Hearthstone packs.

I hit rank 5 on Hearthstone, so I’m back at the level I was back before my laptop was seized.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I feel as if I have shrunk an inch or two.


3 thoughts on “Back where I belong

  1. Poley what is your actual trip on 4Chan? Seen about 5 or 6 different posters with different tripcodes all claiming to be you.


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