New low

I didn’t enjoy work today, half way through the day I had issues with my login so I had to do sales calls which I was uncomfortable with. I also had to ask for help a couple of times so felt embarrassed, a guy asked me if I needed help and I just mumbled until he walked away.

Weighed 9.10-9.12 stone, my lowest weight yet, probably ruined it by eating a donner on chips though. The takeaway I go to is great, I feel terrible I don’t buy more as the guy running seemed to desperately try to push me to get a drink or something.

Washed my hair, it looks terrible, I have no idea how to make it work without growing it longer or getting my fringe cut. The front is too long to casually sweep to the side anymore.

I just need to be glad the working work is over, maybe now I can find my balance.


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