Skinnier than I thought

In the morning my mother and sister remarked again at how unwell and underweight I’m looking, my sister pushed me to the point ii admitted I haven’t seen a doctor in months, that I’m on a waiting list, I had to say I’d see a GP soon.

Laser today, different technician, not much chatter which was nice, the strength of the laser was turned up but I didn’t really feel it since I took a couple of painkillers this time. Hopefully this will remove the last of the hair outside of my upper lip. Considering getting a skin peel at some point to correct my hyperpigmentation and even my skin tone. I didn’t see anything interesting on my trip.

Family had a McDonald’s Fillet burger when I got home and I bought some pizza as I’ve been craving it a while so that’ll be me eating away the losses I made. Would love some Lucozade too.

I wore slim fit jeans today, I think I might actually be able to wear skinny jeans too, I just need to wear them in.

Watched The Voice, WWE Hall of Fame 2017 and I’ll catch MoTD too.


18 thoughts on “Skinnier than I thought

  1. So it seems possible you’re suffering side effects from self-administering fag pills for more than a year. The good part about spending some time in an NHS shithole from organ failure in your 20s is a catheter preserving an entire bag of piss you can throw at your enemies.


    • I’d rather just kill myself and get it over with than endure that.

      Though I don’t think that’s the case, I just look sickly due to the loss of muscle mass and paler due to skin thinning. Also I’ve only been on HRT about 9 months and only just gotten my E levels in range.


  2. What happens when you finally reach all your targets, Poley (facial stubble gone, hair grown out, fitting into those skinny jeans, etc)?


      • The 40% transgender suicide rate suddenly makes sense to me. They create a scapegoat for all of their problems and assume that knocking it out means all of the pegs fall into the appropriate holes (uh, no pun intended). In reality, they’re the same person, with the same problems, plus even more: a damaged physical constitution and still more mental issues like “narcissistic rage” (common, apparently, in autogynephiliac transgenders who are “misgendered” because people looking at them still see a man.) My guess is they set themselves up for the catastrophic realization that they’re the same shitty person.


  3. Is that what this is all about – making friends? I don’t think so. You’re not trying to create a new person so much as destroy the existing one. You take some satisfaction idestroying the superficial features of your personhood (ethnicity, gender) but it’s all about the journey, not the destination.


    • The journey ends with a rope wherever it goes. All of this time, money and possibly irreversible physical effects, but it’s nothing more than a magical spell. He hopes to wake up and be The Girl one day but in reality he’ll be the Monster of Rochdale.

      The only thing that can save him is a sudden shock. For his sake I pray it’s a religious awakening, which will only be emotionally painful, not physically crippling.


  4. Religious awakening? Why should Poley swap one untruth with another? He needs to free himself of restrictive social constructs not constrain himself with new ones.


    • Because that would be the least painful catalyst to reform his life. The others involve life-threatening physical maladies or worse.

      > restrictive social constructs

      Like “don’t piss in your roommates’ drinks”? “Don’t put spycams in bathrooms?” What kind of hippie bullshit are you on about? He lives under no “restrictive social constructs” now and hasn’t for years.


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