I’m such a pig

I finished off what was left of the pizza from yesterday, I also had cereal, a cornetto and my dad gave me 5 quid to get some food so I goit a chicken donner on chips, business is so slow at that place but the guy that works there was so happy to see me, he remembered what I liked and we both tried a bit of banter but there wasn’t much to say, this man is worth my loyalty. My dad gave me money because the rest of the family went to a wedding, he pushed a little to get me to attend too but he eventually accepted the ‘no’.

I’ve also bought a bottle of Lucozade for WrestleMania tonight, I fully intend to stay up until 4/5am. To prep I watched NXT Takeover, Alistair Black did a pretty cool flippy thing, that’s all that I felt was notable. I tried to get some sleep/nap early since I have to wake up at 7am for work tomorrow but I failed.

My solicitor should have received an email today requesting they cover my train fare, if they don’t I’ll switch over to another legal firm.

BT are being annoying and having issues processing my order.

I shouted at my sister yesterday when she forgot to take off the hallway light at night time again.

My other sister may have seen my laser appointment card.

I need to buy some more moisturiser and exfoliating pads.

I’m dreading going back to work tomorrow, I’ll never get used to this.


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