More entrants in the rat race

I stayed up until 5.15am last night watching WrestleMania, it was a long show full of decent (and several) matches, I probably would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t so tired but still I could tell it wasn’t a good show or a bad show. I was considering pulling a sicky from work but decided against it since I don’t believe I could lie well enough. So after my 90 minutes of sleep which were shockingly good, I woke up and went to work.

At work I can’t use any of the computers that have been upgraded to Windows 10 due to some unknown issue, so I’ve organically moved over to a small desk in a more central location, I’m sitting with a few people now, it’s uncomfortable, got a manager sitting to the right of me, I’m sure he would rather I wasn’t sitting there. The not-trans lesbian(?) normally would sit opposite me but now she’s taking part in training some new people, she did however hang about on my desk with her wards for a while before telling them to move elsewhere, she does have a deep voice and is really comfortable around guys, maybe she is just trans. I felt she was looking at me, I didn’t like it. One positive is that I think the seat I stole was recently being used by the guy who I felt was bullying me, he came over to collect his flask, felt like I cucked him.

My quality assessments are going fine, just need to show more empathy. I wasn’t especially tired during work, no more so than usual, I may have even been feeling more energetic.

There’s also ANOTHER new batch of trainees, so that’s the second group since mine, we are understaffed but this competition level is fierce, oh and one curious observation – no paki males in any of the training groups since mine, I guess I really do give people negative opinions of those who share similarities with me.

Wore sunscreen, I hope it wasn’t too noticeable.

I withdrew £50 from a cash point since I didn’t have any on hand after dropping it at takeaways.

Rank 15 on Hearthstone, playing makes me feel good, looking forward to busting open those booster packs on Thursday.

One of my childhood bullies from mosque is getting married to a white woman, I don’t like it or understand it, with how common it’s becoming I suspect there may be some hidden financial goings on behind the scenes.


5 thoughts on “More entrants in the rat race

    • Bully, not friend but you already knew that

      I saw his vilest qualities so can’t imagine how anyone could choose to spend the rest of their lives with him, he’s just a typical paki


    • Let us consult the Book of Elliott, Chapter 6, Verse 3:

      “I was eating a meal in the kitchen when he came over and started bragging to my housemates about his success with girls. I couldn’t stand it, so I proceeded to ask them all if they were virgins. They all looked at me weirdly and said that they had lost their virginity long ago. I felt so inferior, as it reminded me of how much I have missed out in life.

      “And then this black boy named Chance said that he lost his virginity when he was only thirteen! In addition, he said that the girl he lost his virginity to was a blonde white girl!

      “I was so enraged that I almost splashed him with my orange juice. I indignantly told him that I did not believe him, and then I went to my room to cry. I cried and cried and cried, and then I called my mother and cried to her on the phone. How could an inferior, ugly black boy be able to get a white girl and not me? I am beautiful, and I am half white myself. I am descended from British aristocracy. He is descended from slaves. I deserve it more.

      “I tried not to believe his foul words, but they were already said, and it was hard to erase from my mind. If this is actually true, if this ugly black filth was able to have sex with a blonde white girl at the age of thirteen while I’ve had to suffer virginity all my life, then this just proves how ridiculous the female gender is. They would give themselves to this filthy scum, but they reject ME? The injustice!”


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