Still feel like buying more stuff

Work was fine, I’m having trouble with my login codes, it’s quite an anxious experience having to get help with that. I’ve found that some of the other staff here are university students, that makes me feel uncomfortable, I still can’t determine their ages though. I think the issue is that this is a temporary job to most people here whereas I have no other immediate options, it makes me feel inferior and different.

I attempted to talk to a guy from my training group during break (DnD guy), he, I suppose wasn’t expecting me to speak so slowed down to do something else/talk to someone else, I then sped up away from him, not sure if he noticed me at all.

My solicitor hasn’t replied so I’ll be switching solicitor next time I’m up there.

I’ve eaten poorly for 5-6 days in a row, I’d say the lasagna wasn’t too bad.

Tried booking a GP appointment but only had the admin departments number, the woman on the other end was rude. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I need to spend the 3 hours before bed once I get home more efficiently rather than just playing Hearthstone.

I can see this months spend coming closer to £400, up from the £250 or so last month, £126 will be train travel to court and £120 will be travel to work again, £50 was cash from the ATM and the rest would be random stuff I put on my credit card like the Hearthstone packs and clothes. There may also be some stuff relating to my broadband/TV deal.

Considering donating a little money (£10-£20) to some autistic internet reviewer I’ve mildly enjoyed for 7 years or so.


10 thoughts on “Still feel like buying more stuff

  1. Pretty funny to see you talk about money. You seem very adept at saving and managing it — even these posts about “blowing” it deal mostly with trivial amounts. You were probably incredibly apt for a career in accounting. I’m not the only person to say this to you.


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