Not a waste but feels as such

Day off today and I did little with it, spent most of my time playing Hearthstone, got to rank 9, nice safety net before the expansion hits. It feels like an accomplishment so I can’t call the entire day a waste. My credit card bill was due so I bought a bunch of skincare products to take advantage of the repayment time, took some advice and switched a couple of products with cheaper alternatives. I’ll get some plaid shirts at a later point too.

My sister cut the back of my hair, it was looking too much like a mullet. A suitor for her will apparently be popping around with his family on Sunday, unless I misunderstood while easedropping.

My other sister refuses to close the living room door continually, I got so angry, I shouted at her until my throat was sore.

The final sister repeated a joke from yesterday about how I’ll marry a “mango”, that’s a person from Pakistan. She says it because my mum apparently does everything for me though repeating her statement makes it sound like she’s legitimately concerned.

Ate spag bol and mum bought some chips and samosas. I’ve eaten poorly for a straight week now.


2 thoughts on “Not a waste but feels as such

  1. when you grow your hair out from short to long, there is no way to avoid the mullet-like mid phase. it will look shit. you just have to accept that. cutting it only sets you back. you need to power through. go on, stick at it and eventually it will be long enough to style into waves, tie back etc
    if you really hate the way it looks try wearing it pushed back under a beanie hat.


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