Can’t keep messing up

I was heading into the break area at the same time as the wrestling fan, I was coming up behind him, hope it wasn’t creepy, when he noticed me, he asked my thoughts on Mania, as rehearsed I said “Every match was average, but there were a lot of matches so it was good value, I guess, maybe I’d have appreciated it more if I wasn’t so tired”, he was similarly unimpressed, we then parted ways before he gave his take on “match of the night”, the opener, Aires v Neville, this was where I fucked up, I just couldn’t think fast enough, I said I didn’t really care at that point, he smiled/laughed and left. I meant I didn’t care about a curtain-jerker match but it didn’t make sense due to the length of the show it was the end of the show where people stopped caring. Pretty upset I missed my chance to reveal my power level, I won’t get another shot.

The trans(?) wore that same top again, bit weird wearing the same top 2/3 days, maybe even wore it on the third since I wasn’t in. A lot of people here look like they cycle between few clothes, some even always were the same item, there’s one guy in a bright green check shirt, another in a dull green one and one wearing red.

My work stats came in, my call time etc are all good enough to pass probation and meet the regular employment targets. I do however submit significantly more account manager queries than anyone else in customer service, I did 118 last month, the next highest is 102, then everyone else ranges from 20-60, only 4 were marked as unnecessary though.
Sitting next to that manager still, he must have overheard a few fuck ups.

Had a nice moment with my sister yesterday. Had a terrible moment with her today, I picked up her phone on the charger and asked who it belonged to, she shouted at me, asking why I was using her phone, I was mad that she would be offended by somesoing like that so I dropped her phone onto the floor, a small argument erupted between me and my two youngest sisters. Got upset when the router was reset while I was playing Hearthstone and in response I turned off the TV.

I ate below 500 calories until 7pm when I got back from work, I must have binged over 1500.

Opened my Hearthstone packs, pretty disappointing, got a couple of sucky legendary cards, not even sure what I wanted, a quest, I suppose but then I have enough dust to craft 4 if I wanted. Just playing Arena now to win a few more packs and max the pity counter to get another legendary card before stopping purchasing any more packs and just saving up for the next expansion.


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