I am stupid

I keep messing up at work and I can tell people are getting sick of it, even LittleKuriboh, it’s embarrassing I ask for help so often when there are new starts about. I feel unintelligent and worthless, want to end it, I hate myself for being so incompetent, I can’t understand why I am. I want to drop into conversation that I took the most calls in the department last month, it might gain me some respect but the opportunity will never arise. Wore my pink hoodie today but also a coat as I didn’t expect it to be so warm.

The hordes of normies out in the sun today was uncomfortable. Lots of interracial couples and even a trans woman.

Vomited last night around 5am, it might have been food poisoning, odd since I was thinking of lying about it just 5 days ago. Probably just because I overate though I have been feeling dizzy.

Got on well with the sisters today. Had a good time watching Tower Heist again.

Can’t get over 4 wins in the arena anymore, still not pulled that legendary, must be 30+ packs deep by now.

I hate using the word “stupid” but that’s what I am.


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