Work was fine, quiet, I was finally able to log into a Windows 10 PC, oddly enough it was used over the last few days by the trans/lesbian person, it’s going to look weird when I “steal” her computer tomorrow but I want to move off the teachers desk, don’t really want to move to normie central but it’s the only alternative.

My dad told my mum that her cousins were coming to visit her, she cleaned much of the house and got dressed up however they did not turn up, unknown if my dad was lying or they genuinely stood her up. Pretty smart and cruel of him, I feel bad for my mother but I did mock her.

I passed a work colleague on the street and tried to great him but got blanked. Had to run a little to catch my train, I enjoyed the rush.

I’m feeling bad about my facial hair removal again, under poor light there appears to be a lot of hyperpigmentation, I’m not sure which is the true reflection of how I look, my face looks less disgusting in good light, might be the time to switch to electrolysis on my upper lip since that area is quite stubborn. I’m feeling suicidal, I’ll see if I can get an earlier GP appointment though I’m not sure what to say.

Played a lot of Hearthstone this night and last, pulled another neutral legendary so crafted the Rogue and Warrior quest cards. Not enjoying the game much as aggro is the only way to go.


8 thoughts on “Yoink

  1. 1.stop stalking this girl it will only end is disaster
    2. your dad is a dick
    3.get more exercise
    4. ok
    5. hearthstone is shit spend your time more constructively


  2. Do you still keep tabs on the polish girl? What’s she up to these days? I think someone said she ended up in a real estate job?


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