Bottle of suppressed emotions cracked, not broken

For lunch I decided to get a sandwich in addition to my usual yoghurt and banana, Gregg’s was the place I chose, just pick off the shelf and pay. I thought the possibly eastern European cashier overcharged me and I angrily went back to confront her, we argued a little she insisted she charged me correctly and I claimed I only had so much change in my pocket but when pulling it out again I realised I fucked up, the cashier wasn’t aware and opened the till to pay me but I just fled, humiliated, there were a few customers in the shop. The explosion of anger must be caused by stresses at work, I was rude to a customer on the phone at the end of my shift too even though they were very nice.

The tranny/lesbian and I keep making awkward eye contact. Today I took her seat, she returned to her old one on another desk, the guy who kinda bullied me took my old seat, but he knew I gave it back to him, he knows I cucked him. Today however he was more polite but still I found it difficult to approach him with queries so I tried resolving my own issues. It’s just that he won’t acknowledge me and when I initiate conversation with him he always tells me to wait or that he’s busy in an aggravated tone.

I liked my new seating area for the most part, there were people around me but no one close, perfect, no one close enough to make me feel uncomfortable but not too far away that I feel isolated and alone.

Girl from my training group enquired about days I was working, she had to explain she was asking to swap a shift, I liked that she knew my name and pronounced it correctly but this was the only conversation we’ve ever had so I had to stop my self from becoming too flattered. I said “hmmm, pass” and went back to work, hope I also apologised.

I think I’m still eating 2000 calories or less, need to stop binging on biscuits.

Maybe I should start working on getting revenge.


9 thoughts on “Bottle of suppressed emotions cracked, not broken

  1. Nobody is aware you’re playing mind games with the seats. You’re playing a one-man sport against a bunch of ghosts.


  2. Good work demeaning the shop attendant and cucking that dumb faggott with the seat. It feels nice not to be the victim for a change huh? Bottle up your negative energy and throw it in some fucker’s face at an appropriate opportunity. Don’t feel bad-you don’t owe nothing to nobody Poley (far from it). Urinating in Aberdeen Chad’s Ribena was by far the healthiest, most self-respecting and empowering thing you’ve done in a long time. Do more.


    • > good work demeaning that shop attendant
      > running away in tears

      Yeah, showed her. Next time you should pee yourself in front of her like you used to do, Poley, she’ll think twice about giving the correct change to a mentally unstable castrato.


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