Legend in waiting

Day off work today, I spent several hours since last night playing Hearthstone, shot up from rank 8 to rank 3, might actually make legend. I’m playing Quest Rogue, it’s quite cancerous but I’m running into a lot of counters now. I’ve only stopped playing to post this blog entry. That’s been my day, really, something like 12 hours.

My sister remarked again at how skinny I’ve become, that my legs are particularly thin, I don’t believe her, I’d have an easier time with skinny jeans if that was completely true, also 

Need to epilate again but I don’t have the energy during my days off.

Ate poorly, a large bowl of cereal, chicken on chips and Lucozade, I’m craving an Easter egg too but can’t be bothered to go out and get one. I bought a cod and chips for my mother and sister too.

Most of my skincare stuff arrived.

Might buy Persona 5 and not play it, just for the sake of buying something, feels like a while since I’ve bought a novelty. I know I should be saving but I need to buy a few things to keep me feeling like it’s worth going to work regardless though, I am saving over 60% of my wage, that with me even forcing myself to buy stuff.


5 thoughts on “Legend in waiting

  1. You should steal more seats the next time you’re at work. Maybe even switch seats mid day. Show them that you don’t abide by their rules and make them feel like cucks as they helplessly watch you take what was once theirs.


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