Error count still rising

Work was fine, I asked fewer queries than usual, I even had two exchanges with those seated near me. I may have massively fucked up and it’s going to get discovered soon, there were also some other fuck ups that were just discovered today I had to have a chat about. I suppose the only moment of anxiety throughout the day was at the start, I dropped my coat on the floor near the coat hanger as usual, I was approached and advised of company policy to hang coats and was pointed to alternate places to hang my coat, I’ll have to comply.

There’s another person at work I cant tell if they’re a pre-HRT trans person, long hair, nose stud, short and skinny but bad skin, always dresses in black, possibly just a style thing though s/he seems very meek. Think I heard someone calling them “Anna”, not sure though.

Bought my train tickets to court so that’s 25% of my wage on travel, and about 15% on stuff like clothes, vidya and food. I should probably stop buying stuff until I get excused from court. Could still do with a phone or something to listen to music to and from work, maybe look at new shoes again or thick black glasses.

Mum got me a large chocolate reindeer.

Lost 4 Hearthstone games in a row.


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