Can’t remember a better day I had recently

I think I went through today without fucking up, feels pretty good. The older guy sitting next to me advised me to stop keeping peoples credit card details saved on my sticky notes, it’s a firing offence, he was nice about it and introduced himself afterwards, we shook hands. It’s good Friday tomorrow so only working 6 hours. My manager handed me a letter today, said she didn’t know what it was about, I was expecting the worst but it was just informing me of a pay rise due to the recent increase to the minimum wage (I’m still being paid above that rate).

Switched my bank account, going to be careful about buying stuff since I’m worried the credit cards may not be paid off properly. 

Gonna but VS System, maybe play some games with my sisters, even if they don’t want to play I’ll be happy with some cards and a pretty box. Got on well with my sister today, watching Storage Hunters with her right now.

Ate unhealthy food but I think the calories balance out.

I think I overheard that the trans/lesbian is quitting, probably studying for her final exams in her joke course, probably for the best. Felt as if someone gave me a funny look, possibly because we don’t normally interact and he was thrown by my inability to make eye contact.

Started moisturising regularly.

Playing Quest Rogue again and back to rank 3.


2 thoughts on “Can’t remember a better day I had recently

  1. Why don’t you find a hobby to occupy your spare time and diversify your days a bit? Now that you have a regular job (and seem to be doing OK in despite your own expectations) it’s the next step to normiehood

    Are there any LARP clubs in your area you can join? Or an anime club? Or a transqueer support group? Something to get you out of the house and socializing with new people in structured environment about topics you find interesting and have opinions about


    • I don’t have any hobbies or interest and find it difficult to pick up something new, my attention span has become very short. It hurts my head to learn new things.

      Social/hobby clubs sound like a good idea but I know I’ll just be uncomfortable and fail at bonding. As for talking about interests, I find it difficult to express myself and it’s harder when you don’t know someone power level.


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