I got on well with my family today, I signed up with Netflix and watched Dave Chapelle and Black Mirror with my sisters. They enjoyed both and I genuinely laughed watching Chapelle, I think the last time I laughed or felt strong joy was when CM Punk was beaten to a pulp in humiliating fashion. No arguments at all, we’ll watch some more tomorrow and have a good time again.

I bought the VS System trading cards for £30 and a new mobile phone for £115, it’s a Chinese one with solid specs, I’m not getting my other one back from the cops anytime soon and carrying around my basic flip phone makes me feel as if I’m missing a minor body part, it’s normal for people to listen to music or just bust them out during break and I haven’t been able to do that for a while, it’s led to boredom and looking odd. My AMEX statement came in so now I have 45 days to pay off any new purchases, that’s after my May pay cheque.

Last night I vomited multiple times, probably because I ate too much.

Slim fit jeans fit fine now that I’ve worn them in, might look back into skinny and stretch skinny.

My father showed shades on his old bully self again, “asking” I get a haircut repeatedly after I decline and even suggesting he’ll take me to the barbers or buy some clippers and cut my hair himself.

Turns out my bully from work is gay, he looked quite insecure and sad in his Facebook pic, not sure if it was a selfie, I pity him now. The lesbian/trans girl graduated uni years ago so I’m not sure what her current plans are.


4 thoughts on “hahahahaha

  1. > Last night I committed multiple times, probably because I ate too much.

    What does that mean?

    Also don’t creep on acquaintances FBs. It makes it even more difficult to interact with them.


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