Comfy Sunday

Watched the other Dave Chapelle special and got on well with my family again, the second show was nowhere near as good as the first. Turns out my recent credit card expenses aren’t due until June, so that’s good news, stuck some £20 earphones on there, I’ll probably stop buying things now I’m set to hit the £500 spending target on my AMEX. Maybe some new shoes and jeans, I think I’ll wear skinny/slim fit jeans exclusively from now on.

The day was generally a comfy Sunday only made uncomfy for a couple of hours when some relatives visited, I think it was my dads brother and his wife, they tried to speak to me a few times in paki and I responded uninterested in English. I just stayed in my corner of the room,on my tablet, with standup then F1 on the TV in the background until they left.

My dad started speaking about marriage again, my mums in on it too. At least they understand my feelings on the topic.

Washed my clothes and epilated.


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