King of the dwarves

Only at work for 4 hours today due to it being a bank holiday but just like Friday I’m being paid for working a full 7. It was quiet so no fuck ups, no begging for help but I was very short with some customers so my quality assessment next week will be poor.

There’s a girl who sits not too far away from me that was also on my training course, paki, only spoken to her the once, she gave me some advice on requesting holidays. I noticed her today asking for help a lot, quite the self-esteem boost seeing someone else more incompetent than myself. Her story is that she’s taking a year out of uni and not sure how to proceed.

On my way back home I saw a topless man playing some game with a football and tennis racket by himself, the ball got away from him and I picked it up to return it, he thanked me and I felt good but I’m not sure he wanted it back just then as he was in the middle of putting a top on.

Saw a gang of 6 paki youths sharing one gaping stick outside a shisha bar, a pathetic and typical sight. There was a girl hanging around but I don’t think she intended to stick for long.

As usual I had sub-500 calories until I got back from work where I binged on red meat, carbs and chocolate.

Didn’t even consider buying anything today.

Got a reply from the laser place, can’t do electrolysis and laser at the same time and I’ll need another patch test if I want laser on a different part of my body. I want to do my hands but it seems a lot of hassle arrange it and unnecessary if I’m not happy with my face.

I had an argument with my sisters, said some cruel things, they wanted me to get off the PS4 so they could watch Hollyoaks, I was given a time limit, “get off in 7 minutes”, I was planning on getting off to be considerate but I was offended at being told what to do. Did it anyway but then I was irk at my sister turning the volume up and the method she used.

Watching Dynamo with my sisters now. 

Court in a few days, going to be cross if I don’t get what I want.


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