Nah, bitch

At the end of work today, a woman with purple hair asked if I’d seen her email regarding covering her shifts since she has final university exams next month. I replied “no” and then clarified that I’d seen it but I am not interested in covering her shifts. I was packing away my stuff, she continued talking, asked why I wouldn’t do it, said that she’d cover some of my shifts “possibly in June”, I didn’t reply and assume she walked away at some point. I feel as if agreeing to her request would be doing her a favour and I don’t believe I should do a favour for someone if the first time they speak to me it’s to ask for that favour. Admittedly she never had a reason to speak to me before this but still she should have known it was insulting to request something from a stranger. I was shocked when she responded with “Why?” though, she made it sound as if it was normal to cover colleagues shifts in every instance. Ultimately I felt more confused than empowered.

The other event of the day was when I noticed an individual whose gender identity I couldn’t determine, heading towards the bathroom. I changed my course and followed them, they went into the womens bathroom. This individual is short, skinny, long hair and has a goth style, I think she has breasts. It’s her skin, looks like she has beard shadow. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, she can be however she wants to be, just noting it confuses me. The walls of the office are glass so I’m hoping I didn’t prick anyones attention when I followed her.

Ate cereal, a 400 calorie chicken salad sandwich and then when I got home I had chicken pasta, a cheese pastie and some easter egg.


13 thoughts on “Nah, bitch

    • Maybe its me, but I actually sympathize with him on the purple haired girl, it’s kind of off to approach a co-worker you’ve never spoken a word with to ask a favor and then demand to know why they won’t do it for you. Nothing wrong with the first part but the last part is pretty classless.

      Following the other girl around is pretty fucking weird though.


      • Poleaboo wants nothing more than to be friends with a woman. Not only did he fuck up a chance to be friends with a woman, but he fucked up a chance to be friends with every woman she knows.

        It’s ok to be selfish, but helping her would have made absolutely no difference to him, and it would have made a big difference to her. And everyone knows this, and everyone will think he’s a dick.

        Now he has no chance of making friends with women at his high class call center.


      • Unless you want to fuck her, you wouldn’t be an orbiter. Friends do favours for each other. Orbiters do favours for a girl to try to fuck her.


  1. You were right to reject the purple tumblr whore.

    However, by the way she demanded a reason as to why you wouldn’t do her a favor you can tell she’s an entitled cunt. You may have unwittingly declared war poley. Hope she has little political power in the office, otherwise get the piss bottles ready.


  2. Good work poleaboo. Women like this never tried to help you in the slightest during your university days, why would you help them now?

    With the seat and shift cucking you’be become much more of a man lately, ironic given that you spend your freetime trying to become a woman.


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