mtf or ftm?

There were very few people in at work today, strange for a Monday, I assume more of my colleagues were students than I thought and now they’re all taking time off to study. Due to the reduced population of worker bees I thought it necessary for me to sit at the “main” table, there were less than 10 of us. Like a cuck, I attempted to carry conversations when spoken to. It was unsuccessful for me. Learned today that someone I work with has criminals in the family and lives in the next town over.

Good day, didn’t fuck up much or ask for much help.

Still trying to figure out the tranny, no idea if it’s mtf or ftm but it’s definitely one or the other unless the breasts are just padding but why wouldn’t it have started laser yet. Saw it speaking to a female this time, again just about work, further confusing things.

My sister threatened to expose my admission of having gender dysphoria unless I chased up the progress of my therapy, I was told if I wouldn’t speak to someone else, I’d have to speak to my family and she had a conversation starter. My family think I’m genuinely insane and need meds+therapy. The arguments today became quite heated, my mother quizzed me again on my hatred of pakis, claiming I am one too and that I sound ridiculous, in response, a few minutes later when she was talking about an upcoming wedding, I asked how many people attended hers (flew out to pakiland, arranged/forced marriage and raped, on the same trip as her two sisters). There were no hard feelings at the end of the day.

I actually player VS System with one of my sisters yesterday, we had a good time and she wants to play again.

Mum bought me Lucozade. Ate poorly when I got home, it was the biscuits left on the table that did it.


5 thoughts on “mtf or ftm?

  1. Your sister has already confided in your mother (and her sister) about your gender dysphioria. They are piecing it all together – the epilating, long hair, mysterious medications arriving in the mail, etc. They haven’t told your father (or brother) yet.

    Your mother (in particular) can never accept the fact that her son is a homosexual (let alone a genderqueer). Its more fathomable for her to simply label you ‘insane’ and tell your sister to demand you seek psychiatric help

    Next step is a family intervention. Are you ready to walk proudly out of the closet Poley? Yes? Welcome to the next arc in your life. No? Last chance to turn back.


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