Can’t even think of one

Travelling to work, I stat next to a big guy watching UFC on his tablet, I read a newspaper.

I felt stupid at work today, asked questions to which I should have known the answer to considering I’ve worked here for 2 months now as a CS agent. I felt like hitting myself and I did mutter insults to myself. My holiday requests for my court case were denied, I guess I’ll just have to pull a Sicky. Admitting my circumstances can not end well. A guy at work called me by name, as usual, I liked that I was acknowledged.

On the way back home I played Smash on 3DS.

At home, a cousin visited and we played 2 games of VS System. It was fun, the curious thing though is my sister has won all 3 of the games played. Possibly because she is using the stronger deck.

Day off work tomorrow, got my GP appointment, not sure what I’m going to say, guess I’ll ask if it can be determined if I’m irreversibly infertile and maybe look into the anemia thing.


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