Screwing up in new ways

In the morning, a guy at work was complaining someone “stole” his headset, it was me, I kindly offered it back to him, saying I didn’t give a fuck. The guy is nice and I really didn’t care too much, I was just showing some sympathy for an individual on the 12-8 shift. The day went fine until the end when I clocked out an hour early, I forgot I was doing a 9-6 shift today, not sure what to expect and when. I’m feeling mild anxiety over this. My possibly trans colleague came to work today wearing a top that was obviously made for women, I made some awkward eye contact with him in the morning when I spotted him, guess he was self conscious, I hope I didn’t get him down too much. The reason he throws me so much is because his dress style is gothic.

On the way back home, I received a call, this was just after 6pm, I expected it to be work but it was actually the doctor from yesterday. He said that he wanted to follow-up yesterdays appointment, asked if I am getting the help I need or if I need to book a another appointment. I then spoke, think I cut him off, I can’t read conversations so I don’t know if he was done or waiting for me to respond, regardless I told him I was OK and thanked him for calling. I then moved the phone from my ear to hangup, I don’t know if he was speaking.

Had more arguments with my mum about pakis.

Wages came in, it’s pointless though if I don’t have a goal.

Rank 2 on Hearthstone. Might make legend.


8 thoughts on “Screwing up in new ways

  1. Everyone screws up at work – front line staff, line area managers, senior executive, CEO. Everyone. Your success in the workplace will depend not on whether you screw up, or even how badly you screw up, but instead – what you do after you screw up.

    In my work life I have followed the following principles (listed in order or priority). They have served me reasonably well:

    1. Try to BURY the screw-up. If there is a good chance no one will notice the screw up it’s always better to sweep it under the carpet rather than bring it to a superiors attention
    2. If it’s not possible to bury the screw up, or the screw up is uncovered, then SHIFT BLAME onto someone else. Blame someone who’s unable to defend themselves (like a customer, supplier or former colleague etc). Never, ever blame a colleague
    3. Finally, if you cannot bury the screw up or shift blame, try to DOWNPLAY the problem. E.g. Yes this thing happened but it’s not a big deal. I can easily fix it. Let’s focus on solutions rather the past etc (this is always a last resort option)

    Eventually these will become second nature to you. ONce you’ve perfected them you’ll be more or less untouchable


    • I can accept burying as a legitimate move that I’m comfortable with but shifting blame sounds scummy and downplaying sounds cocky

      I’ll just continue to try to bury and I’ll just take it on the chin if caught out

      As for clocking out early, it is something to talk about with my manager


  2. You didn’t answer me before so I’ll ask again since you did the same thing again. Why won’t you listen to what the doctor has to say? there’s nothing to lose.


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