Hate you all

I had to work today, it was busy but ultimately not too bad. My new phone arrived yesterday so I took it to work with me and played Hearthstone during break, I fell from rank 2 to rank 4, looks like Legend isn’t on the cards this month.

My brother visited, didn’t talk outside of the one argument, I had an argument with every member of my family at some point today. My brother called me a waster, my sister said I wasn’t a man, a boy and she had no idea what I was, I called my father a paki monkey and told my mother to show more respect to her husband.

Got a letter from my solicitor, they’ve received statements from the police and a “CCTV DVD”, no idea what that means given the nature of the Crimea, I think it’s a recording of the police browsing the thread and blog on a specific date. Mum and sister were pressuring me to reveal the contents of the letter, I declined, sister threatened to reveal my gender dysphoria but ultimately didn’t.


7 thoughts on “Hate you all

  1. In yesterday’s post you said ‘shifting blame’ for a screw up was’scummy’. But you missed my qualifier – NEVER shift blame onto a colleague that you know or work with, as this will cause you more problems at side. Far better to pin it on someone from the ‘outside’ – who won’t even know you’re blaming them, and is in no position to give their side of the story

    Anyone who thinks this isn’t an effective strategy has obviously never worked at a senior level in the business world. Everyone does it. Only cucks voluntarily confess to their own screw ups. And their professional reputation suffers as a result

    Taking this logic one step further – when venting your rage and frustrations onto the world (which you are currently obviously doing, and which I agree is an effective coping strategy in principle) it’s better to target people outside your daily bubble rather than people who co-inhabit it

    Tearing shreds of your father, demeaning your mother or bullying your sisters may bring you a small amount of temporary satisfaction. But in the long run it can make your life more difficult and intolerable

    I think you should instead bottle up your rage and fling it in the face of strangers who you won’t see again and who can’t fight back –

    Shoulder barging the little old lady, giving the finger to the bus driver, destroying the students USB, dealing with the seat cuck etc. This is smart. Do more of this.


    • He bullies his family because they won’t fight back. Have you ever seen a picture of Poleaboo? He’s about as physically imposing as a ponce hairdresser. However, since I think getting the shit kicked out of him would be on the whole a therapeutic experience, I’m going to agree with you. Yes, Poley, harass and be a dick to strangers more often. It’s for the best.


      • His siblings are beginning to push back a bit. It’s sort of bubbling away in the background at the moment but will reach tipping point eventually. That old lady (just an example) is a much better target for his rage. She’s too fragile too fight back and Polez is unlikely to see her again anyway. Seat cuck another prime target.


      • I can just imagine it now – poleaboo goes an old lady shoulder barging spree when one time he gets too cocky and the woman screams like she’s been raped

        Poleaboo arrested again and the new arc begins.


    • You’re right in some ways, it does feel better to hurt strangers but the flip side is that there’s no follow-up, if I feel guilt, I can’t rectify things like a can with my family (no apologies, no new happy experiences with them), I just think over and over again of how I hurt them and it feels as if that’s the only thing they’ve experienced in their entire lives and I’m a monster for causing that pain.


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