Filthy Freak

I was late to work but only by a minute, it wasn’t an issue though as I notified work ahead of time. The day only got worse from there as I had a severe runny nose, I had to go to the bathroom for more tissue every half and hour as what I had became soaked through quickly. The worst part though was humiliating myself in front of the trans girl (who now for some reason shifted a seat closer to me) and my other coworkers. Apart from my voice being affected, I sneezed on some calls, made ugly faces when blowing my nose and worst of all, snot dribbled straight out of my nose onto the floor/desk when I was too busy to wipe. I’m not sure what other disgusting things I was caught doing.

Posting on 4chan with my phone makes the days less lonely when at and travelling to/from work.

Feeling down about my facial hair again.

Had an argument with my sister when she reset the internet when I was in the middle of a good Hearthstone game.


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