Still a long way to go

Even though today was a day off, I still didn’t get a taste of the old NEET life, I had several tasks to complete during my day off, the first was completing the opening of my new bank account, it however took too long on my first attempt as I was being served by a nice but incompetent old man so I had to leave in order to attend my laser appointment on time. The settings apparently got turned up again, it wasn’t especially painful apart from the usual areas (chin and upper lip), after the appointment I was told the next one would be a review as I’ve gone through the 6 I ordered, I’ll definitely need another 4/6 sessions. I was able to make some small talk with the technician, she asked what I was doing next, I said I was going to the bank, then she mentioned Euros and I was able to relay a personal experience, how I waited 18 months before exchanging mine and got a good rate.

Once again the other person I saw at the laser clinic was a paki, she smirked at me.

Back at the bank, the place was just as diverse as before, there were blacks, pakis, whites and east Asians, it’s odd because the total amount of people there was low, less than 10. It took over half an hour for my request to be completed, most of that time taken up by a long phone call, the woman serving me this time was the bank manager herself, she was nice, I liked that she smiled a lot, and we both apologised at the end, she that it took so long and me for taking up so much of her time.

Later the day I spent £80 on estrogen (3/4 months supply), it probably would have been more economical to get a few more packs. Thinking off buying Progesterone too but the superior version is expensive, £2 a day. I need to add it at some point to get better breast growth though. Also getting closer to buying some glasses.

Watched some ‘Orange is the New Black’ and ‘Dear White People’. Had a short bonding session with my sister over the former show again, we need more to discuss though.

Started taking Sertaline again. I’m going to keep at it this time and ask a GP for more and buy Magnesium.

Ate diner on chips and cake & custard.


5 thoughts on “Still a long way to go

  1. Most GPs are just script dispensers (particularly in the public health system). They want to give you a prescription for the latest trendy pharma, and then shuffle you out the door so they can see the next patient.

    Good GPs (the more expensive ones in a private practice) will take the time to conduct a more holistic diagnosis. They will tend to pay more attention to diet and lifestyle factors as triggers of mental health problems


    • That might be true but it has no relevance here. The guy chased after him when he ran away crying, and then called him later too.


      • It takes a fairly degenerate human being to see others at their basest level.

        If he were simply concerned on that level he would have reported it to the police and Poleaboo would be sectioned right now. Which would be the best thing.


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