8.30pm bedtime

I’m becoming unhappy and underappreciated at work, I had a short chat at the start of the day with the DnD guy, we talked about our stats, I take the most calls in the department and he takes the second most. That’s because the people that have been around longer get to spend time on emails and call outs instead of taking calls all day. Though these people have mostly disappeared now since they were mostly students, there’s barely anyone taking calls on my shift pattern so my holiday requsts are being rejected while the students fuck off as often as they like and leave a heavier workload for me, it’s not their fault though, it’s the planning department who are knowingly screwing me.

Planning department are desperate for people to do overtime, I was asked today and I declined, I was offered a potential “deal”, I could get a day off I needed in exchange for doing overtime. Not sure why I turned it down, possibly because I said “no” initially and because it was easier.

I went to sleep at 8.30pm yesterday, still tired less than 12 hours after waking up. Tired now too, might go to bed early again.

I took Sertaline the last two days, not sure if I still have any left, I’ll check before I go to bed.

Every day going to and returning from work, I see several pakis, every last one of them has significant facial hair/stubble, it’s disgusting, at least it reminds me I’ve made progress.


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