Anyone know anything about the Manchester drag queen scene?

Today was a bad day at work, I had 3 customers escalate in the first 3 hours, I made a couple of bad decisions that could bite me in the future and I had awkward interactions with colleagues again. The positives of the day were an email sent at the end of the day praising me (and some others) for my excellent performance thus far, the other high point was a colleague praising my impressive stats (still the most calls taken in the CS department).

Booked a GP appointment during my lunch, a co-worker caught me during my first attempt so I tried again but this time in the disabled toilets. Set for 2 weeks from now, just gonna get some antidepressants.

My GP sent a letter, saw it when I got home, he was just repeating that he thinks he can help and I should book an appointment. I can’t remember who I was assigned, I just hope it wasn’t him again.

I inadvertently sat near the trans-girl during break and overheard some interesting conversation, she’s apparently a massive fan of drag, goes to competitions regularly and has an active social life. Bit odd though that she doesn’t own a smart phone. Going to stop talking about her now as I might say something unkind or just plain weird. I’ll say this though, I am jealous of how functional she is and would like to talk to her but I wouldn’t have anything interesting to say, unlike her.

My dad has chucked my scales, no idea what I weigh now. But what I do know is that my facial hair situation is still awful, I’ll just have to demand they turn the setting up much higher.

A trio of paki school girls trailed behind me as I walked home, they were behaving like the common,uncivilized tramps they are, they three of them were shouting threats and insults down their phone at another girl while using paki slang.


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