As good as Saturday’s get now

My family went to a wedding, my father took shots at me again about my hair and tried to get me to have it cut, I didn’t say much, eventually I just ignored him. I tried to explain his narrow way of thinking by pointing out that all pakis had short hair whereas other races had more variety but he didn’t understand.

Once I had the place to myself I watched some Orange is the New Black, it was a little comfy until I was interrupted by a knock on the door, 3 paki girls were collecting money for their Islamic school, I apologised and said I wasn’t religious. They thanked me and left. I began to feel guilt, felt as if I’d knocked their self-confidence. After pacing around for 20 minutes I decided to get a burger meal, I saw the girls again, ignored them, placed my order at the burger place and then ran back out to the girls to give them £5, they looked scared as I was heading towards them, after I handed over the last cash I had on hand, I was asked if I was sure, I said I felt bad about earlier and turned away.

The burger place was filled with pakis as usual, they lacked card reading facilities because they’re cheating the tax man and I forgot to ask for a chilli sauce sachet. The meal wasnrt worth the £4.79 I paid.

Watched some more Orange is the New Black, Black Mirror and played Digimon.

When my family came home, my mother and sister started pressing me to reveal the contents of my doctors and solicitors letters, Itold them to mind their own business but they kept at me, my mother insisted I had mental health issues and my sister threatened to reveal my gender dysphoria again. I held firm and they got nothing from me, not sure why I laugh whenever my sister brings up my dysphoria.

I went to ASDA for yoghurt and bananas (plus a few chewy sugar strips), I saw a paki couple with 9 kids.

Later at night, I watched Britain’s Got Talent with my mum, we laughed at a bad impressionist.

Got £300 in credit card debt again due to buying a new phone and more estrogen.


13 thoughts on “As good as Saturday’s get now

  1. Your family discussed your gender dysphoria and erratic behaviour in the car on the way to the wedding. This is why when they came home you mother started asking about the doctors letters and your sister starting nagging you about talking about it with your family

    Your current approach is not sustainable. If this is the life you have chosen for yourself you will need to go public at some point. Everybody already knows anyway. This is more about you taking ownership of your decision


    • hate when people preach to poley in some holier than thou approach. u r outright telling him what to do with such CERTAINTY but you honestly dont know at all


      • Poley is wrapped up in his little ball of self introspection and misery. He has zero perspective on what’s happening around him. Do you honestly think his sister hasn’t spilled the beans to his mother already? Do you actually think its a viable long term option to keep his m2f transitioning a secret? I’m just stating the obvious


      • Certainty? How about not taking fag pills that will rot your organs and turn you into a monster that terrifies children?

        “Take fag pills that will rot your organs and turn you into a monster that terrifies children” is pretty shitty advice fam.


    • I doubt my sister told anyone during the wedding, I’m certain she has the decency not to tell anyone but my mother, that’s why she was hesitant to out me yesterday, another sister was in the room.

      I know I will have to “go public” at some point, I’m just not ready yet and not sure if it will work out, I want to get rid of more facial hair first.

      I understand taking ownership but speaking to other tranies, this is something that’s all about me and has nothing to do with anyone else.

      I do feel like I want to tell them soon but just to get them off my back


    • It’s not even that long, my fringe can cover my eyes and the hair at the side of my head covers most of my ears. I am happy that the progress is visible even if slow


  2. Your sister is a real cunt for threatening to expose something you’ve told her in confidence. Perhaps a little squirt into her milk is in order.


  3. Keep blogging Poley. I check in to read your blog every day! I’m sure many others do too. Good luck with everything. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.


  4. You should talk to that tranny at work. You’d probably have something interesting to say. I read your blog every day so you can’t be that boring.


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