Credit cards literally have no down-sides

I woke up at 8am as I went to sleep at 9pm yesterday, so I started the day by watching the Match of the Day repeat, played some Digimon, then I watched Football Focus, some YuGiOh and then Digimon again. It’s really not a good game.

I ate a large amount of pizza, I justify it as usual by hoping the fat goes to my breasts/hips. Apart from going out for food, I left the house to renew my travel ticket and withdraw £50 from an ATM as I didn’t have any cash on hand. I don’t see how I run through my cash so quickly, the only place I don’t use plastic is takeaways.

My credit cards are now carrying around £400 of debt, I bought a new pair of glasses today (tranny/wayfarer glasses), £64 after the discount and extras. I really hope the month after next month is the month where I stop spending near half my wage. It won’t be June as I’ll need to pay for more laser (or electrolysis).

My father has paid some paki builders to rip out our stairs and some of the surrounding architecture and replace it with cheaper and flimsier stairs and banisters, I don’t know why he did it, I told him it looks terrible, repeatedly and aggressively, I feel bad for upsetting him since he’s so proud of it but it really looks inferior to before, I have no idea how he sees the world. The most agonising part is that he spent money to do this, just like when we first moved in he threw concrete slabs onto this little garden patch outside our house (which all our neighbours have).


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