Fuck you too

I need to tread carefully here but I doubt anything I post now can make things worse if someone from work found my blog. Today I was working the late shift, my second break was at the same time as the transgender person, I thought it’d be an opportunity to speak to her but when the time came it appeared as if she went out of her way to avoid me, disappearing entirely from the break room for the first 10 minutes and then for the last 5, after checking no one was around besides me she walked past me and fiddled about on an iPad. I was very insulted and I’m upset right now but I guess this is how I sometimes make others feel with my avoidant personality. 

I spoke to a coworker a few times today, he’s the quirky one, at the end of the day I realised I was wearing the same shirt as him, that’s the problem with shopping at Primark, there will be countless other people around who have the same clothes, I’ll never wear that shirt again to work, I hate not feeling unique. I have the best stats (call time etc) do that means I’m probably doing something wrong.

I want to make more of an effort to talk to people.

I’ve eaten poorly for a countless number of days now , today it was Tacos and a Snickers bar for desert.

Sticking with laser.

Watched half of the Eurovision semifinal, nothing particularly struck me.


One thought on “Fuck you too

  1. Poley what do you think of the Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk? Any idea how he keeps getting attractive young women?


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