I’m pretty good at my job, dontcha know?

At work I arrived early and out of necessity “stole” the trans persons computer, didn’t seem to cause any distress though. I had a nice little chat with the DnD guy, we spoke about stats, he might have overtaken me now since I had some lengthy calls today, I’m fine with that, he’s not obnoxious like the other normies. I sat next to the trans person during break, though we were facing away from each other, they were reading a newspaper that was left lying around, it’s puzzling why they don’t own a smartphone, other than talking, it’s what everyone is glued to during break times.

The company has taken in a new crop of phone gremlins, during their training they spent an hour or so shadowing existing customer service agents, for some reason I wasn’t selected to have someone listen in on my calls, it’s not something I would have necessarily wanted but it’s upsetting when people I know are statistically worse at the job are chosen to help train others.

I took a 10 minute bathroom break to finish playing a game of Hearthstone, rank 6 now.

I need a new glasses prescription in order to get the ones I recently bought online, it’s an unfortunate and unforeseen cost, I’ll try to spot somewhere offering free eye tests.

Washed my hair and it’s falling out again.

Almost out of E.


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