Wageslaving is life, life is wageslaving

Sat next to the DnD guy again, still have a positive opinion on him. On my other side was the female who talks to the trans person often, we had an interaction, she asked me for some help, I hate seeing people do this, I also hate seeing thrm get it but just like those people I love helping people, so I advised her, however during the conversation ii couldn’t help but stare at her teeth, I can’t help but staring at peoples defects, it may be related to my inability to make eye contact.

Had a long chance to speak to the trans person during break but couldn’t muster the courage, not sure if I ever will, I even know what I want to say to break the ice “How many people from your training group are still around”, then I say only 4 from mine are and then ask how they’re finding it. Not sure again if they’re mtf or ftm, leaning to ftm now.

On the way back home I was posting on 4chan and a coworker was sitting adjacent to me, didn’t realise until I left. Wonder if he could see anything across the narrow isle separating us.

My estrogen arrived.

Hit rank 5 on Hearthstone with Midrange Paladin.


4 thoughts on “Wageslaving is life, life is wageslaving

  1. > Not sure again if they’re mtf or ftm, leaning to ftm now

    How can you not tell?

    I’m leaning toward it being a normal person and you’re autism-blind.


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