Hey! I bought that Magnesium

Yesterday at work, there was a message sent out congratulating me (and two others) for our excellent stats and asking us to go to the head of the call centres desk for a reward. I didn’t, guess I was perhaps too nervous. Today however, she came to me and gave me my little prize, a pack of Munchies, they’re chocolates. I think I’ll give them to my dad, I’ve been quite cruel to him recently and feel guilty about it. Work today though was fine, for a couple of hours the systems went down so I didn’t need to work, after an hour of boredom, I approached the DnD guy and had a chat with him for a while, unusual for me but I was that bored, it forced me into action, the conversation with him and another guy wasn’t anything special but it was normal. There were some misteps like when I was asked what I was doing before working here. If I had more time I’d have attempted to speak to the trans person.

My manager is quitting to become an RE teacher. A lot of people are quitting at various ranks, it’s distressing, I like these people in the background.

I finally bought some Magnesium, it was £5.50-ish for 30 tablets, seems expensive but I’ll see how I do. Based on what I’ve read, it could solve more than my anxiety/depression issues.

A coworker sat next to me on the way home, I didn’t tell him the seat was occupied as we were ignoring each other, he then moved along and played snooker on his phone.

I was cruel to my father in the morning as he was attempting to fix the shower.


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