Playin’ vidya like an escapist manchild

I spent multiple hours playing Digimon, I’m finally getting into it, got my first mega and moved onto chapter 2. Normally it would be nice to have developed a new time sink but while working, I’m not sure where I’ll find the time. Also started using my tablet download shows I would watch regularly when I had my laptop, going to catch up on SNL, last 3 episodes of South park and start skimming WWE shows again. 

Ate a burger meal. My mum was upset I didn’t eat her chicken curry, she supposedly made it specially for me even though I hadn’t eaten a curry in months, near a year. I shouted at her when she tried to guilt me, I don’t think sher understood the point I was making but still she got mad at me too, we both think the other is insane.

Started playing Hearthstone arena again and wasting gold on the current expansion even though I don’t really want anything. Nothing I want to spend real money on so I’m wasting in-game gold instead. Though despite being a good little saver the last week, I am going to drop over £300 on another block of laser sessions.

Started another free month of Netflix using a different credit card.


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