Leaper Sheppard

At work, a new pack of vermin have started working and I caught sight of yet another group starting training, this place literally hires groups of 8 or so people every month. I thought I was little special when I passed the interview. One odd thing I’ve noticed though is that the previous group of new stars had a disproportionate number of scarf wearing pakis and the current one is almost exclusively young white males. Another reason I hate the new peoples presence is that it makes me feel lost and confused, I need to adjust to a new environment that ii will never be able to understand.

I feel like a certain manager dislikes me, she may be aware of some things.

At the start of the day, I tried sitting at the computer next to the trans person but it didn’t work for me, I hope she was aware that was the reason I moved. Had some a chance or two to speak to her but passed it up. During break, LittleKuriboh sat next to me, I should’ve tried making conversation, I just couldn’t think of a conversation starter or pre-empt a follow-up. I’ve found a new person I hate, he’s a cuck, incompetent and thinks he’s better than me, also chatted to the trans person because he was in the same group as her. Spoke to the chatty guy a little again.

Lot of rain, not as comfy as back when I was NEET. Spent £10 on lunch, socks and underwear. I still don’t have the confidence to buy the type of clothes I actually want from physical stores, it’s the having to stay still to check sizes that is the trickiest part.

Watched an OJ documentary.


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