I did it again!

Today at work, I was placed off customer service and only received a very specific kind of sales call, it was mind numbing, at first I thought it would eventually stop, later I just stopped caring, these calls were 20+ minutes at times and I wasn’t assessed on sales, so I just decided to fuck it, I made one massive fuck up and didn’t bother even trying to fix it. At times I thought I placed on sales as punishment for my screw up a couple of days ago. Near the end of my shift I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and walked over to the planning desk and asked if I could do customer service calls for the last half an hour of my shift, I was told that he didn’t even realise I was doing sales calls and he set me back to customer service, I was too relieved to me mad. Going back to my PC I decided to ask the DnD guy if he had been in the same situation, he wasn’t. When I noticed the trans person wasnt on a call, I asked her if she had been taking sales all day, she had, and I told her to go do what I did, I think she smiled.

When she got back she looked disappointed, turns out she was forced to stay on sales, I felt bad, I must have looked either like an idiot, a liar or someone playing a prank. That interaction has since been consuming me all day, reliving it, muttering insults to myself and punching the wall.

I felt a manager is angry at me for not attending the other mangers leaving team meeting.

Had another argument at home, I was supposedly talking to myself again.


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