Who’s that qt in the mirror there?

This morning I noticed one of my sisters t-shirts in my room, she must have recently left it on my radiator to dry and then forgot about it. It was just a plain black, slightly tight T-shirt from Primark. Naturally I decided to put it on, along with my slim fitting jeans, I then looked at myself in the mirror and I actually looked quite good, the hair, tighter clothing and my breasts being visible helped, not going to say I passed but I got closer. The only issue is my cutting scars, womens t-shirts have shorter sleeves and it reveals most of my cutting scars, I’m now considering getting a tattoo, bio oil won’t help the scars that healed improperly and are now pinkish and raised.

I’ll admit I became erect while looking at myself in the mirror. I was happy.

Work was more mind numbing than usual. Hit rank 2 on Hearthstone though. Me and the trans person were sitting a little further away from everyone else, I should have said something before work started, made small talk like everyone else does. LittleKuriboh tried talking to me about vidya, I said I’m playing Hearthstone and he’s doing some dungeon crawler on PS4, the conversation died quickly.

I had a eye test at the opticians after work, apparently my eyes haven’t gotten worse, so looks like I dodged the cataracts bullet from the DNP. I didn’t need to print the £10 voucher as that was the standard price. I interacted with a paki female at reception then a white female at the next desk and my optician was a paki male, all nice people but I did go to an opticians outside my hometown with the objective of getting better service/not being analysed by a paki. My prescription was just a tiny card, I was hoping for something on a sheet of paper. I should get me new glasses soon, hopefully.

At home I found a letter addressed to me, it was from the counselling people, I’m booked in for a session in 2 weeks, the letter is dated the same day as my GP appointment, it’s really impressive that my GP chased that up si quickly and efficiently but what’s curious is the quick turnaround, guess the waiting list wasn’t that long and I was just frozen out. The other odd thing is that the appointment is on one of my days off from work, I knew it was suspicion that I was asked exactly where I work. It’s rather short notice and I’m not sure what I want to talk about.


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