Grinding it out

Work today was fine, still couldn’t speak much but there’s this new, cool, older east Asian guy working here now. He used to work there 10 years ago and he has a very regional accent. Pretty chatty and extroverted. I had some exchanges with him, I couldn’t follow up on the questions I asked, so my attempts at conversation were ultimately a failure.

I was almost late to work, got in with a minute to spare, the other chatty guy remarked in a joking way I only had 4 minutes to stamp in, then he said I’d be fine as I had good stats, I replied I had 2 disciplinary hearings, I was pressed for more details by the chatty guy and this girl I’ve never spoken to, I mumbled away and disappointed on the setup to my story.

Might buy some lip balm.

Tired at 7pm, not sure it’s the effects of the antidepressants.

Watched the Cable Guy again.


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