Bye, Stacy!

Fortunately I wasn’t scheduled to be at work today, the trains were cancelled due to the attack at Manchester arena, not that that was my primary thought when hearing the news, first and foremost I was disgusted an attack like this could occur so close to home, it’s a completely different feeling to when it happens abroad or in London. I’m also concerned about becoming more visible, I didn’t think I could be much more self conscious.
I epilated my legs, they were in quite a state since it’s been a while since I last did so, afterwards I put on my pyjama pants and a green female hoodie and played Digimon for four hours. It’s just a hoodie so no one could be sure it was not made for males, it was just a bit smaller and the fabric thinner.

Planning on buying a bunch more vitamins, I’ll pick up Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron tomorrow. I’m also going to focus more on skin care, going to buy cotton pillowcases and new towels.

Washed my hair, I need to start doing this more often, my hair looks much better now.

The /int/ janny who hates me is back, I got banned for the first time in months.

Despite not working, I still got up at 7am, I thought it was later and took my estrogen.

My youngest sisters verbally abuse me every day now, I don’t even need to do anything to trigger them.


5 thoughts on “Bye, Stacy!

    • Forgot to post about this but my family all condemn the attack even though I tried to goad them. My father also thought it was disgusting and honestly thought we shouldn’t assume it was a Muslim/Paki


  1. This is a sign. You must go to Pakistan. You must become a Hijra. Leave and perhaps you can entice others to do the same. Poleabette: The Marcus Garvey of Britwogs.


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